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The prosthesis project was developed during my work at TOM - Tikkun Olam Makers. It started when we met Noam - an IDF veteran and arm amputee, who shared that he would want to have a "Pajama Prostheses" that will allow him to put his heavy high-tech robotic one to rest. 

We developed a simple 3D printed prosthetic arm with interchanging add-ons for different uses. The project is fully open-source, and all CAD files and assembly instructions were immediately uploaded to our website. The interest and demand led us to develop different iterations of the project such as Yael's violin prosthesis, and eventually to launch the Parametric Prosthetic version, which gives a wide solution for size customization. With a click of a button, users can get custom sized prosthetic arm that they can print and assemble easily, anywhere in the world.

The open source prosthesis


The Parametric Prosthesis

Developed with Roei


The Violin Prosthesis

Developed with Yael


The Pajama Prosthesis

Developed with Noam

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