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closed-loops edible  ice-cream utensils


Leder Scoops was my final project, and it combines my 3 most favorite world - Design, Environment and Food.

It's a series of edible disposable utensils made of juices factory's fruit leftovers.

The utensils are manufactured using food drying technologies, inspired by the ancient technique of making fruit leather. the goal was to bring the traditional technology and apply it on an industrial scale.

The material and the manufacturing process were designed to give a platform for circular economy - using leftovers from one process to fuel and generate processes in related industries - while saving raw materials and resources, and making more efficient and ecological processes.

the utensils are made for serving ice cream, in order to give solution for two needs - replacing the existing utensils, and creating a new eating experience.

This project is still progressing and no is patent pending.

Find out more here:

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